About us

We are one of the oldest enterprises from the sectors of transport and logistics operating in the Polish market. Our company guarantees delivery of cargoes to any place in the world – by sea and on land. Thanks to our long experience and creativity of our staff, Morska Agencja Gdynia is a brand which cooperates with exporters and importers from all over the globe, shipowners, shipping lines, freight forwarders, ports, maritime offices, customs and border offices, banks and financial institutions as well as insurance companies.

We organize road and sea transport of several thousand containers a year, freight vessels, arrange road and rail carriage services, deal with heavy and over-size goods, dry and liquid loads as well as with general cargo. Our company ensures storage and distribution of our customers’ goods in modern storehouses and bonded warehouses. The company’s offer also includes offices to let. For years we have been a correspondent of an international group of marine mutual insurance clubs P&I. We work as an emergency agent for the benefit of foreign insurance associations, supporting them during settlement of claims in road, rail and sea transport.

Polish Seafarers are offered attractive and safe work. Each year our company arranges about 1500 contracts for officers and ratings to the vessels of reputable shipowners from Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, Ireland, Greece and the USA.

Our whole MAG team comprises more than 300 people, including agents who have command of several foreign languages and specialists oriented towards execution of the most demanding logistics tasks.


The wide range of our activity is an effect of over 65-year development of the company which was established in the mid-20th century – a State-owned enterprise called Morska Agencja in Gdynia was founded in 1951. At that time, MAG represented foreign shipping lines, shipowners and insurance clubs (P&I) in Poland. In Polish ports the enterprise was providing agency services for Polish vessels and foreign flags. Over time, the company extended its range of activity to include chartering ships, port and container shipments as well as an employment agency for Polish mariners on ships under foreign flags.

With political and economic changes in our country, at the beginning of the 90s, the company turned into an employee-owned company operating under the name: Morska Agencja Gdynia Sp. z o. o. It was the first privatisation in the sector of marine services in Poland. The changes became a stimulus for further development. With our experience of operating in free-market conditions, the company became additionally involved in services including rail and air forwarding, storage, distribution and customs handling.

To strengthen the company’s position in the competitive market, we banked on comprehensive management of cargoes in the international transport. The company has a versatile offer and operates in a number of complementary dimensions. We are often willing to take up new challenges.