We have been creating logistics since 1951.

Morska Agencja in Gdynia was established in 1951 and represented foreign shipping lines, shipowners and insurance clubs (P&I), as well as providing agency services for ships, with time expanding its specialization with forwarding services and work placement for Polish seamen. The 90’s saw the development of rail and air freight forwarding, storage, distribution and customs services, which resulted in the possibility of comprehensive cargo handling in international transport.

The power of experience

Our story began in 1951. We have been building the Polish logistics and transport industry for 70 years!


We are a company with great awareness of the challenges posed by corporate social responsibility

Global range

We provide comprehensive transport services from all over the world

MAG is a leader in the logistics of wind turbine components.

Since 2007 we have actively participated in the transformation of the energy sector in Poland, offering transshipment services for wind farm components in the ports of Gdynia, Gdańsk, Szczecin and Świnoujście. We cooperate with the largest manufacturers of wind turbines in Poland and Europe. To meet the expectations of our customers, we have created two modern port hubs for reloading of onshore wind farms.

MAG is the best solution for your business

We organize land, sea and rail transport of tens of thousands of containers every year. We freight ships, arrange road and rail transport. We handle heavy and oversize items, loose and liquid loads as well as packaged freight. We provide our clients with storage and distribution of their cargo in modern warehouses and bonded warehouses; we also offer office rental. For many years we have been a correspondent for an international group of mutual insurance clubs – P&I. We work as an emergency agent for foreign insurance companies, supporting them in the settlement of damages in road, rail and sea transport.

Professionals in every field

We offer Polish seamen attractive and safe jobs. Annually, we execute approximately 1,500 contracts for officers and rank-and-file crews with renowned German, British, Danish, Irish, Greek and American shipowners.
The crew of the Gdynia Maritime Agency consists of over 230 employees. Among them are agents speaking several languages and specialists focused on the implementation of the most demanding logistics tasks.