We have been creating logistics since 1951

On the 28th December, 1950, as a result of the reorganization of a number of state-owned and private companies related to the maritime industry, the Minister of Shipping decides to replace the above-mentioned organizations with a newly established state-owned enterprise called Morska Agencja in Gdynia, which operates from January 1st 1951. Most of the staff at that time came from the Polish Maritime Agency operating in the ports of the Free City of Gdańsk and the newly built Polish port in Gdynia from the period before the Second World War.

The original activity was aimed at representing international shipping lines and shipowners in Poland as well as assisting P&I Clubs in marine claims settlement.

The newly established company provided port agency services in Polish ports both for Polish and foreign shipowners. At the later stage it was decided to extend the scope of activity to chartering, port handling and container forwarding as well as crewing services for foreign flag vessels.

Originally company’s office was located at Maritime Terminal by The French Quay, which was a historical place of great significance both for Gdynia and Poland. This was the place from where ocean liners, including the most famous MS Batory, set off.

In 1963 Zygmunt Śmigielski (later long-term president of the board) starts his business career in the company, contributing to development of the local maritime business community.

In 1972 MAG move the offices to Pułaskiego Street, right in the centre of the city.

In 1991- Zygmunt Śmigielski, along with his closest associates and with the support of MAG employees, carries out one of the first successful buy-out of a state-owned company. As a result, Morska Agencja in Gdynia become employee-owned enterprise and changes its name to Morska Agencja Gdynia.

In 1994 Morska Agencja Gdynia move the office to the newly rebuilt facility of former HANDLOMOR located at 15 Tadeusza Wendy St. This premises are fully owned by MAG.

The beginning of 21st century – Morska Agencja Gdynia extend the activity and becomes engaged in road transport, warehousing, customs clearance, and also rail forwarding.

In 2005 The Board decides to purchase land in the Port of Darłowo, where a MAG Terminal is built. In the following years, the number of MAG branches is constantly. The new offices are located all over Poland and in Romania in Constanta. Morska Agencja Gdynia is becoming a leader on the Polish forwarding market, retaining its former character – an ideal composition of experience with a modern perspective on the changing market.

2017 – Zygmunt Śmigielski retires after 55 years of service with the company.

2018 Morska Agencja Gdynia encouraged by many awards and appreciation of customers, develop the concept of MAG Centrum – the office complex for maritime, forwarding, transport and offshore community.

2020 – MAG celebrate its 70th anniversary. Being an experienced 70-year-old entity, MAG is a 30-year-old dynamically operated employee-owned company which has retained its leading position on the agency market, providing agency service for the largest number of ships in all Polish ports. MAG’s own transport fleet travels hundreds of thousands of kilometers each year. The company has already over 25,000 square meters of warehouses and its own specialist handling equipment.


A team of experienced professionals forms a well-coordinated team, whose work translates into the fact that MAG is a leader among companies in the maritime services industry in Poland.