LIVE Packing Centre Gdynia – we DID it!

We are famous for carrying out almost impossible projects, breaking records and carrying out extremely complex logistics operations. On June 9, we did another groundbreaking thing – we showed fully live how to professionally prepare the cargo for transport.

At the Packing Center in Gdynia at Kontenerowa Street, Arkadiusz Gabrukiewicz and Marcin Królski explained to the participants of the broadcast the secrets of the art of stowage.

During the webinar, viewers could see what the security for sea transport looks like, e.g. motor boat or power generator.

People watching our training could see professional reloading equipment in action.

The participants of the “LIVE z Packing Center” event also saw live the process of vacuum packing, container sealing with loading onto a car, or a modern application for generating lashing instructions.