MAG Centrum

A few hundred meters from the Gdynia port and almost in the very center of Gdynia, we have created a hub of operations for numerous companies from the maritime industry. Find out more about the MAG Centrum concept at Wendy 15 Street in the MAG Centre Office.

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Morska Agencja Gdynia Sp. z o. o. has been associated with the maritime economy and broadly understood logistics for seventy years.
When we moved to the area of the former Handlomor in 1994, which we bought and rebuilt, we did not even dream that 25 years later the same place would become such a recognizable object in Gdynia’s architecture and a hub for many dynamically operating companies from the maritime industry. However, from the very beginning of our operation at Tadeusza Wendy Street, we have developed and constantly improved our headquarters to make it a comfortable and modern work tool for hundreds of employees.

Later, as a consequence of the continuous expansion of the current headquarters, it became clear to us that concentrating companies from the broadly understood maritime industry in one place is a bold concept that introduces a new era in Polish business, ensuring the highest quality of services for the customer.


The concept of the Maritime Services Center has proved to be 100% successful. Our office center houses global shipping and forwarding companies, as well as recognized domestic companies dealing in port and sea trading.

Customers who cooperate with Morska Agencja Gdynia provide us with extremely positive feedback on this business model. Contractors pay attention to the convenience and time saving, due to concentration of many companies from the industry in one place.
Currently we are planning an even greater expansion of the office building. Our goal is to create a place that will be recognizable all over the world and to attract an even larger group of companies from the maritime industry, while remaining open to innovative ideas and concepts for further development of the Maritime Services Center.

A green energy-friendly place.

In recent years, MAG Centrum has also become a headquarters to projects closely related to renewable energy.

We are very satisfied seeing companies related to the development of offshore and onshore wind energy choose our headquarters as their place of operations.

The newly established MAG Offshore company also has its offices at Wendy 15 in MAG Centrum, which you can learn more about in other sections of this website.

Need more information about the MAG Centrum? Contact us:

Marta Królak

Phone: +48 58 785 38 60