<span>Loss</span> prevention

Loss prevention

Claims department,
P&I correspondents

We are the oldest leading, specialized P&I Correspondent (Protection & Indemnity) in Poland.

 We represent mutual insurance P&I clubs of shipowners and charterers, H&M (Hull & Machinery) underwriters and other foreign insurance companies, including TT Club and Allianz Global Marine.

 Under their instructions, we proceed with all types of claims: cargo, collision, sea environment pollution as well as other damages. We also act as intermediaries, providing legal assistance to shipowners and other entities.

We offer technical supervision over the ships in Polish shipyards and ports.

We take care of seafarers’ claims regarding disease, injury, or death during their employment on ships


Krzysztof Kuchta

+48 58 785 38 56 pandi@mag.pl

Marlena Luleńska

+48 58 785 38 55 pandi@mag.pl

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