<span>Agency services,</span> port forwarding and chartering

Agency services, port forwarding and chartering

Ships agency

Our services include assistance in ship entry and exit, supervision over port operations, organisation of all handling and loading operations, repairs, inspections and controls, management of ship documentation, crew change and shipowner deliveries. We also ensure agile assistance in case of emergencies that require medical care.

In addition, we serve newly built and overhauled vessels at Polish shipyards. Collaborating with travel agencies, we care for the tourist service of the passenger ships that arrive at Polish ports. In addition to the main office in Gdynia, our branches work in Gdańsk, Szczecin, Świnoujście, Darłowo, Kołobrzeg, Elbląg, Łeba, Ustka and Władysławowo. We make every effort to ensure the highest possible quality of services to earn the trust of the shipowners and customers that enables us to build long-term business relations.

Collaboration based on experience and trust built for 74 years

Port handling and forwarding

Solidity, safety and professionalism supported by years of experience.

<span>Port</span> handling and forwarding

Transshipments at all seaports and inland ports in Poland, inspections and quality controls

Project Cargo
– comprehensive service of large loads

We transport oversize cargo and heavy pieces. To ensure comprehensive completion of the transport orders, we collaborate with experienced partners to provide the highest quality of services.

Our comprehensive services in the field of goods transport and logistics chain management, like project cargo, in export, import and transit, are used by Polish and foreign customers. Every transport operation is different and requires close cooperation with the customer, openness to innovative solutions and many detailed technical arrangements.

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Ro-Ro service

Morska Agencja Gdynia provides comprehensive service and support for RoRo ships in Polish ports. With extensive experience and a skilled team, we offer assistance at every stage of port operations. Our services ensure efficiency and safety for maritime transport throughout Poland.


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Gdansk Ship Agency

Paweł Kazłowski
+48 58 785 37 23 agency@mag.pl
Tomasz Pluciński
+48 58 785 37 23 agency@mag.pl
Jakub Stasiewicz
+48 58 785 37 24 agency@mag.pl
Filip Nehring
Oddział Portowy Gdańsk
+48 58 785 37 23 agency@mag.pl

Gdynia Ship Agency

Szczecin Ship Agency

Agency of Swinoujście Ships

Terminal Darlowo

Cargo project and port services

Michał Śmigielski
Natalia Kukawska
+48 58 785 38 15 project@mag.pl
Tomasz Czartowski
+48 58 785 38 14 project@mag.pl

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