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MAG Terminal in Darłowo

We have our own universal terminal in the very center of the Polish coast, in Darłowo. We organize reloading and storage of grains, fertilizers, wood, aggregates, coal, steel as well as palletized and bagged goods.

Terminal in Darłowo

The main advantage of our port is the capability of express service of smaller cargo batches, making us price competitive, as compared to neighboring and larger ports.

We have invested in the infrastructure of this versatile port so that our contractors from Poland and abroad can be sure that their cargoes are properly handled. We are planning further investments to expand the range of transshipped goods.

We have our own transshipment quays, located in the modern Darłowo Port. We own warehouses and paved storage yards with a total area of over 17,000 square meters. We offer comprehensive services for individual clients and shipping companies: land, road and rail transport, transshipment and sea transport to a selected port. Our terminal is ISO 9001 certified, and our warehouses comply with both sanitary and GMP standards.


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