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#MAGnews - Antica in full splendor!

Morska Agencja Gdynia supported the reconstruction of this wonderful yacht, which is reflected in our MAG logo visible on Antica's sail. 

More about Antica below (source text:

Antica is a wooden cutter from 1953, which for a long time deteriorated in the fishing harbor - until 1980, when Jerzy Wasowicz noticed it. It was then that the captain made the decision to pursue his dream - a trip around the world. And he was exceptionally consistent in this decision.

For over 10 years, Antica has been completely rebuilt, from a fishing boat turning into an ocean yacht. In 1991, the captain set off on it on the journey of his life. The voyage around the world took 6 years.

For the next 30 years, Antica sailed almost continuously, cruising around South America, around the Atlantic and to many corners of Europe. Antica is the only fishing boat from the Baltic Sea to circumnavigate Cape Horn, the southernmost point of South America.

For cruises on board Antika, captain Wąsowicz was repeatedly awarded with state, city, sailing and travel awards, including: silver Sextant, Conrad award, Kolosa award, Cruise of the Year award, Pomeranian Cruise for the 50th anniversary of PoZŻ or the Sea Letter for promoting the city of Gdańsk on world.

In recent years, Antica has mainly made cruises in the Baltic and North Sea, and was used for maritime education. Unfortunately, due to the passage of time, the need for general renovation became more and more urgent.

Antica is an oldtimer. It is one of only a dozen or so wooden ocean-going yachts in Poland, which made the history of sailing, won numerous awards and distinctions. It is a living monument of history and a testimony of national heritage ...


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