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#MAGnews - meet us during the Transport Week!

On 14 June, Michał Laskowski took part in the discussion – Transport and logistics towards the climate change – “pragmatic opportunists” or “advocates of changes”?
The conversation was moderated by prof. Wojciech Paprocki, Director of the Institute of Infrastructure, Transport and Mobility, the Warsaw School of Economics.
The discussion addressed the challenges of energy transition faced by the logistics and transport industry.

It covered the eco solutions implemented or planned by TSL companies.


The participants of the discussion were:

– Michał Laskowski, Director for Warehouse Logistics and E-Commerce, Morska Agencja Gdynia
– Bartłomiej Mazuruk, Director for Operation, Polska Żegluga Bałtycka
– Dariusz Stefański, President, PCC Intermodal
– Karolina Lipińska, Deputy Director for Enterprise and Innovation Development, Marshal Office of the Pomorskie Voivodeship.


The Transport Week are two days filled with presentations and expert discussion panels. The conference addressed the most important matters shaping the present and the future of the transport sector. This year, the participants of the event will discuss e.g.: the consequences of the pandemic for the transport sector, the future of container, ro-ro and ferry markets, as well as the most interesting projects in Polish ports. We could not have missed this event. The conference will be attended by Michał Laskowski, the Director for Warehouse Logistics and E-Commerce.

Once again, it is our pleasure to invite you to Gdynia for the Transport Week conference. This is a particularly important event for everyone involved in the transport, logistics and maritime economy sectors. Our joy is even greater that after two years online conversations, this time we will have the opportunity to meet live, of course in accordance with safety rules. Face-to-face contact is very important during this type of conference, because it enables expanding on and looking deeper into certain interesting problems, also outside the main agenda. It also enables the participants to establish branch contacts. I would like to invite you to Gdynia for the 11th edition of the Transport Week – said Katarzyna Gruszecka-Spychała, Vice-President of Gdynia for Economy.


To participate in the conference, please sign up. Tickets are available both for the individual days and for the entire event, in the participant's package. The details can be found at

The agenda of the conference is divided into two large blocks. The first will be held in English. It will take place both on 14 and 15 June. Its agenda includes expert lectures. The main topics are:

  • the post-pandemic reality in the transport sector;
  • the impact of European Union politics on the transport sector;
  • the ports as key partners in local and global economies;
  • financial surpluses – how to avoid them?
  • when projects make sense and how to choose the projects to prioritise in the context of environmental and climatic regulations?
  • container and ro-ro market analysis – what will the year 2022 look like?
  • the post-pandemic passenger ferry market – the new normal and return to the pre-COVID reality;

The speakers will include e.g. the representatives of the local government, as well as the ports of Gdynia and Gdańsk. The voices of experts and practitioners will be heard as well. Detailed information on the conference guests will be known soon.


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