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Will it pass or not? Customs clearance seen by a customs agency

Such webinar has never been seen in the history of Morska Agencja Gdynia. In the new formula, at the MAG studio, on 20 April, at 1 pm, we will address the particularly difficult matters of customs clearances and point to the most common importer errors that often result in tax investigations.

The title of the webinar is not random. During an hour long meeting, MAG experts will present the most interesting examples, in which the customs clearance was... just bound to fail.



In addition, we will explain in a simple manner, what does a customs clearance look like “behind the scenes” at MAG.


Customs clearance stages

  • collection of documents
  • customs clearance declaration
  • usc decision
  • goods release
  • duty + vat payment

Webinar framework 20 kwietnia, godz: 13:00

  • What does a customs clearance look like? Documents, responsibilities, procedures.
  • The most common import errors.
  • The inspection, the revision – powers of the National Tax Administration.
  • The importer’s guide – how to properly prepare for customs clearance?
  • Special guest’s lecture
  • The most important news on the customs clearance in 2022


Meet the MAG experts!

Marcin Szreder

Assistance Manager of the Customs Agency Team. It has many years of experience in customs and tax consulting. He gained the Customs Agent authorisation in 2012. He collaborates with companies in various branches for the effective completion of customs clearances in all possible procedures.

Karolina Damaszk

Graduate of the Gdynia Maritime University, the Faculty of Navigation, in the field of “Transport and Logistics”. For 5 years, Sea Forwarder in the operational department of Morska Agencja Gdynia. She provides comprehensive customer service in the import and export of goods.

Special guest of the event

insp. Damian Bulejak

In the organisation since 1993. In the Customs Service in 1993-2017. He started his service at the road border crossing in Bezledy, at the passenger traffic clearance station, followed by the cargo traffic station. From 2010 to 2017, he server as the Deputy Head of the Customs Office supervising border crossings and internal departments. After the National Tax Administration reform, Damian Bulejak was appointed as Manager of the Customs and Tax Department, in which he was responsible for fighting illegal gambling. Then he became Head of the Investigation Department. Since May 2021, Deputy Director of the Tax Administration Chamber in Gdańsk.


The webinars of Morska Agencja Gdynia take place under the non-profit educational project #PodręcznikImportera. The participation in the event is free of charge. Please, join us!


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